August 4, 2009

Missing Daddy

Jon was assigned for an out-of-state project. This set-up is really expected with his job but fortunately, eversince I gave birth, he has always been around until now. Madi and I won’t be seeing Daddy now as he will only be able to come home on weekends. It is going to be sad and tough but it’s something we need to sacrifice. 

Yesterday was the first morning that Madi didn’t get to see her Dad. Jon usually prepares our baby’s first bottle in the morning so when she wakes up, she automatically calls her “Dad! Dad!” for milk. So yesterday when she woke up, she didn’t see Jon but she probably thought he was just in the kitchen and she called him loud, “Dad! Dad!.” I woke up with her scream and told her that her father is not home. It made me sad because Madi is always excited with her Dad and now she won’t have that kind of excitement everyday.

We will try to do webcam everynight to help missing each other a bit although it won’t be really enough because they cannot play together and she gets tired of webcam easily. After a couple of minutes she’ll say, “ayaw na.”

We miss you Daddy! We can’t wait for this weekend and we hope we won’t have to do this very long. However, thank you for working hard for our family. We love you!

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