May 5, 2011

Don't Grow Up Too Fast, Madi...

Today, you had your first pedicure. You've been asking for it and so does the aunts and grandmas who have been spoiling you (just like they have also been wishing your dad and I would have your ears pierced). Truthfully, at this point, we don't want you to get nail polish and earrings. Good thing, it's something your dad and I both agree with (and everyone's against us- wink).

However, pedicure happened today! Is it your lucky day? Well I found a good reason to do it- YOU have been playing with your finger nails and toe nails. You've been kind of peeling the edge of your nails until the in between your nail and skin almost bleeds. I thought maybe if I try to color your nails then you'd be hesitant to play with them because you'd be afraid to ruin the color. So for now, I just experimented with the toes. If it works, then I might give you a manicure as well. Lol.

So why no manicure, pedicure, earrings, and all these kinds of stuff? One and only reason, your dad and I think kids nowadays mature too early. Back in our generation, we really stay as kids for a long time. For example: I myself never had a manicure/pedicure until I was in college and I don't remember myself picking my own clothes until I was about twelve. You might say that it's a different generation, yes but I  (even though I said that this is something your dad and I both agree, speaking for anyone else is not really my cup of tea) personally feel that there are certain generation rules that suck and this is one part from yours. I certainly go with some stuff in your generation which I think are okay or really good too. For instance, I am talking to you now and I am using the word "lol" because now, it's in the dictionary. I also teach you use the computer because nowadays everyone should know it

What I am saying is that I just want you to be a happy kid, learn to appreciate the simple yet most natural things in this world, and be smart but also nurture the innocence in you. Now is a world of technology, kids play lots of kinds of video games and get to watch anything they want on tv. They learn a lot from these things but a lot of times they also learn things they are not supposed to yet. So I want you to go out the house and enjoy nature, run wild and play with the birds, butterflies, and the bees. Being a kid is the best and I want you to be it for the whole proper age to be a kid. 

No lipstick and boyfriend until… (wink, kiss)

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